Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I apologize for the quiet here. I just started a part time job, and with getting into the last few weeks of my online classes, all the big projects are coming due. Plus with having to go to a class at a campus two times a week. I have a review to post, however it's been difficult due to the fact that I like to include pictures and my camera is MIA, and my iphone takes some shitty pictures. I will post this soon, promise!

Taking pictures is difficult when I am home due to the fact that Amber's niece is living here again, and she likes to hang out with me, and if she's watching tv over in the main house, then she likes to burst into our apartment suddenly. This definitely makes it difficult to take pictures. Now I can hear you all saying "Have her knock." Which would make it easier to cover up anything, but that sets our dogs to barking, getting the boxers super excited, and just makes calming them down much more difficult. Plus they would stay in a state of excitability because it's nearly once an hour the niece (my Mini-Me) bursts in here.

In the mean time while waiting for this latest review, here's a TMI Tuesday (I know its Wednesday :P) about birthdays.

1. What star sign are you? Taurus
2. Do you believe in horoscopes? Sort of, not the daily ones but more about the compatibility, and mostly moon signs
3. When is your birthday? May 18th
4. What’s the worst birthday gift a partner has given you? Until Amber (who has always given great gifts if money hasn't been an issue/a year we don't exchange gifts) I don't think I've had a partner for my birthdays.
5. Are you organised when it comes to other people’s birthdays? Sorta. I generally remember people's birthdays once they've told me. I use to remember everyone's birthdays with only being told once, but I've broken that part of my memory now and it's not nearly as good as it use to. I think I filled my memory with too much porn.
6. How do you normally celebrate your birthday? Usually a dinner and sex.
7. If you could be one age again what would it be? Why? I'm not sure I'd change my age. I'm 26 now, and I'm fine with that. 
8. What would be your ideal birthday treat? Professional massage followed by sex...So I guess hiring a masseuse (or two, one for her) to come in our home, give me a massage and have sex immediately after...Actually, Amber gives me a dirty massage but only after a full body massage.
Bonus:  Tell us your best birthday memory? When I think of my birthday it's mostly filled with camping memories, but they all blend together. I think my 18th birthday stands out the most though because I received my riding jersey, boots and I still use them today.
Bonus, Bonus:  May we see you in your birthday suit? (post a photo) Nah, sorry. Maybe eventually.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

TMI Tuesday - Kink

1. What’s the kinkiest thing about you, either mentally or physically? I'm not really sure I'm all that kinky, other then I have a high sex drive and am willing to do just about anything once.
2. Do you have any fetishes? If so, what are they? I like to watch gay porn, especially first time stuff. Also, I've been known to look at furry porn, but not fur suits. Sex in public, though we haven't...yet.
3. Have you ever been spanked? Did you enjoy it? Tell us more… Never in the heat of the moment, and a few times when I was a kid. I don't think it's my cup of tea because it doesn't turn me on mentally at all. I sort of don't understand it. I mean, I understand that it feels good to people, some how..
4. Have you been tied up, or tied someone else up? Did you use rope or  restraints? Several times. Amber and I have an under the bed restrain system, and we don't use it all the time though. Just special occasions.
5. Would you classify yourself as more dominant, submissive, a switch or entirely vanilla? I've actually never heard of a switch, but I think that's what I am. I love being submissive and letting Amber take charge and not knowing what is going to happen next. But I also love to strap it on and give it to her in as many ways as I can.
6. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done? I'm not sure, probably masturbated somewhere publicly, like a library. Watched porn in public. Not sure if that's really kinky or not.
7. Have you been to a BDSM club? What was it like? If not, would you ever go to one? We've never been to one, and I'm not sure if we would. Amber's a bit more private about things, for instance, I couldn't get her to a strip club when we lived in Portland. Also, BDSM is a little extreme for me.
8. What’s your favourite fetish item or implement? Probably my harness. Eventually I'm going to get one from Outlaw Leather, the Annie-O. I've been lusting over that for a long time.
9. Favourite kinky clothing material? Naked!
10. Thigh boots – love ‘em or hate ‘em? Never tried them, but I can appreciate them on someone else, but I don't think I'd like wearing them. Seems like they would be really hot and restrictive.
11. If you’re kinky, who knows about it? Do you tell people or is it a closely guarded secret? I'm pretty open sexually with anyone.
12. What are your personal limits? I'm not sure I have any.
13. What’s your safeword and why did you choose that one? Don't have one, but Amber and I don't do anything that requires one..yet.
14. Which fetishes do you just really not get? Several; fisting, spanking, old people porn (not sure that counts, lol) incest, diapers, pee/water works just to name a few.
Bonus:  Complete this sentence:  To me, Fetish, Kink and BDSM means…Anything to do with sex beyond a male with a female missionary sex.