Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bone or Balls?

I appologise that this too much longer to be published over here, it took much longer then I expected to get published over on EdenFantasy's, but at long last, my first review!

This is a review of Edenfantasy's Love Bone that I was sent free of charge in return for a free unbiased review. I was no paid in any way for this review, and the opinions therein are entirely my own and my spouse.

Seriously? Are they the end of a bone, balls, maybe a heart?

At first we tried this as a dildo, and it wasn't quite long enough to hit my g-spot, but rather rubbed against the vaginal wall right before the g-spot. It did work for thrusting but because of it being too short for my g-spot it worked in a round about way to stimulate my g-spot as a good warm up toy. It was, however, hard to grip for both use on myself/by myself, and for my partner to use on me. Also, it kept slipping sideways, making the tip turn, which didn't hurt, but didn't help anything. It was very easy to insert since it is made of glass.

For anal usage, I can't attest to this as an expert, but as an anal intermediate. It did slide in very easily, and wasn't too big for someone who maybe once every few months does anything anally. I would, however, urge anyone who is using this anally to be careful since the base (the bone or the balls? Looks more like balls to me) is not flared for anal like a plug would be. I also cannot attest to use on prostate being female, but it did not reach my g-spot this way either.

This did come with a red velvet bag, but it is not padded besides the velvet. Also, the drawstring doesn't stay closed without tying it closed. But does very well if it were put into the bag and into a toy box for safety.

Material / Texure
This is made of safety glass, and thus is compatible with any type of lubrication, and is sort of heavy compared to other materials. The Love Bone is very smooth, and with minimal lubrication, or natural lubrication insertion is very easy both vaginally and anally (anally so long as you're relaxed that is). This being made of glass it is of food-grade material, hypo-allergenic, non-porous, latex free, phthalates free and clean up is very easy. Just wash with soap and water, boil (be careful removing from boiling water, hot! also don't just drop it into boiling water as that will make the glass crack, but put it in the lukewarm water at the beginning when the water starts to warm up to boil), top rack of dishwasher, and is even bleachable.

Design / Shape / Size

Length: 5 1/2 inches from tip to base
Diameter of tip: 3/4 of an inch approximately, or about the size of a Kotex super tampon.
Base to beginning of curve toward tip: 3 1/4 inches (taking out the base, the shaft is only 2 inches)
Shaft's widest part: 1 1/16 inches until it flares to make the base: 1 3/8 inches.

The total design is a simple, smooth tapered tip with a slight curve from the shaft leading down to two balls (or bone end).

I love the blue color and the fact that it's made of glass, but that's all I love about this dildo. The curve would be good for someone if their g-spot was closer to the opening of their vagina, but that's not my case.

The balls/ bone (base) is rather hard to grip for both use on myself, and for my partner to use on me. Also, because of this base this dildo kept slipping side-ways and making the tip not hit remotely close to my g-spot, making this really ineffective.

The tapered tip did make insertion both vaginally and anally very easy (use lube if you need to!) and being smooth really helped insertions. The diameter/ circumference was not too big for being an anal intermediate/ almost beginner that I am, but remember to take it slow.

In use
This is a good precursor to either sex or another bigger toy and did well to get me started, but I quickly wanted something bigger/longer to hit my g-spot and for better thrusting. It did well to relax me and make more turned on. Anally, it worked the same way as a good way to start off, but I doubt I'd want to do double penetration with this since it does not have a base to keep it from slipping up inside, and because of how wide the base is might get in the way of another toy.

If one were inclined to use this in the shower, which would be safe provided one would be careful as to not drop this since gripping was a bit difficult.

Care and Maintenance
This is made of glass and is very safe (provided you don't drop it and get a crack/nick out of it), is waterproof, and can be used with any lubrication.

The red velvet bag it came in works fine for storage, and if traveling or moving it about the box, I'd want something more padded to go around it, perhaps a wool sock?

Personal comments
 Honestly, this might not get any more use besides the first try. I do have ideas of using it as a massage tool much like the hand stone massage tools used to really work on deep/tough knots.

My g-spot is further in my body then what the Love Bone can reach, and while my body usually responds to this angle of curve, due to it's short length the Love Bone could not help.

This is my third glass toy. The Ocean Breeze is by far my favorite, and if the Love Bone had a base like the Ocean Breeze, it would help keep the toy from sliding sideways and rendering the tip ineffective. I also never fail to have a g-spot orgasm from the Ocean Breeze or my partner's fingers, but because of the Love Bone being too short, and slipping sideways this will only be a toy to get me warmed up before using something else.

The Love Bone was disappointing in that it did not reach my g-spot and was hard to keep from slipping sideways internally. It was easy to insert both vaginally and anally because of its tapered tip, but just wasn't long enough vaginally to be more then a warm up toy. The design of the base of the Love Bone made gripping difficult for both thrusting and for keeping the tip from sliding ineffectively to the side.

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