Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 18th

Tomorrow is a historical day. May 18th, 1980 was the year that Mount St. Helens erupted, spilling forth lava and volcanic ash.

Just 6 short years later, I was born on the very same day. I've been told that my temper is much like a volcano, slow to build up, but erupts from time to time. I also know that I'm much like my mountain in the gushing factor when I have a g-spot orgasm. Minus the lava...that'd be painful.

Are there plans for my birthday? Well, to be honest, I feel that if your birthday lands on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday you get a birthday weekend. So, plans for my birthday weekend? A few.

My birthdays in the past have always sucked. Not my celebration, but my birthday itself. See, in the city I'm from (Spokane, Washington) the weekend before is a parade-festival, the weekend after is Memorial. What that means is that there was never any money to spare on my birthday and my celebration would always get wrapped up in either one of these and thus shadowed over. Also meant as a kid that if I wanted to have a party, my friends were always busy. One year my birthday went forgotten until Memorial Weekend when my family goes camping.

I know that I'll receive well wishes, and one big thing that is almost a stipulation/demand for a good birthday is Birthday Sex. I'm not sure if I'll get that this year because Amber is in a very rigorous LPN program and she'll be at school, and will come home exhausted and needing to study. Also, her young nephew is coming over on the weekend and her parents (we live in apartment on her parents farm) make the weekend all about the grandchildren when they come over. Which is completely understandable but just means that it wont be Erin's Weekend when it should be.

Amber's father does not know about her and I and thinks we're just good friends, her mom knows and the reason her father doesn't know is at her mother's wishes. Her father isn't in the best of health and is very old fashioned and didn't take Amber's oldest nephew (different nephew then the one coming over this weekend) coming out. It took about 3 years for him to accept him. Amber's mother is a afraid that it might send her father over and will ruin/rip their family apart. I'm personally afraid I'll be shot...ok not really actually shot, just in the protective fatherly threaten way.

What this little background information means is that the day that Amber and I are going to celebrate my birthday (Saturday) might get shadowed again. It's been a really long time since Amber and I did anything for us, alone. Every time we've gone out to dinner, it's been with her parents since we moved down here last November, or nearly every time.

I just want a day where its her and I and we're able to act ourselves. Hell, even in the nearest biggest town we can't even hold hands in public because too many people know her parents and it might get back to them. It's frustrating but I understand, and I also agreed to this when we moved down here. Its it too much to ask for 1 day though?

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