Friday, May 25, 2012

Extended Weekend

I love Memorial Weekend.

Growing up it was the weekend that my birthday was celebrated, and my family would usually go up to some property my parents own and built a cabin on and it'd be full of camping festivities. Drinking, motorcycle riding, drinking, swimming (depending on how warm a year it was), hiking, camp fires, and more drinking. It always signified the end of the winter and beginning of summer as that was the first weekend we'd go camping. From then on, there usually wasn't a weekend we were home until the cold grips of winter comes back around in October.

Having my Dad be an Army veteran on top of every male until recent generation (I went into the military, and my brother did not) of my family having served, it's a bitter sweet weekend.

Since sprouting my wings and leaving my family for the military, and again after I left my home town/state again after I got out of the military, the weekend just isn't the same. Now I don't drink much at all. Maybe 2 alcoholic beverages a month? Also, I in general just don't have the time off or the funds to go camping, but I always want to do. I feel the great outdoors calling my name starting from about Easter on. It's a quiet call that grows louder and louder until I can answer it.

This weekend will not be spent camping much to my dismay. Again funding is mostly the issue. Also, Amber and I live in an apartment on her parent's farm and her niece and nephew are over for the weekend. Amber has lived with me in both Spokane, and in Portland for the past two years and I don't want to take her away from her family when we have only been back down here for about six months. Though I'm extremely close to just going out and setting up a tent in one of the fields or forest portion of their land.

Last weekend, my birthday weekend, did get some celebration, but for reasons only my body knows I did not get sex. Amber has a low sex drive, whereas I have a high sex drive. Last weekend my period visited again, even though it was around not even a week and a half before, and two weeks before that. I have an appointment at the beginning of next month to get on birth control to gain some control over my period that has been completely random since I started.

Though that alone isn't enough of a reason to not have sex, I ended up with a really bad case of swimmer's ear as well as an inner ear infection that was extremely painful. I went to the doctor and am feeling better now. So hopefully this weekend we can have sex.

The reason there is no sex through the week is because Amber is going through a year long school of very compacted LPN program that even the teachers who are RN's said the RN program isn't as hard as this program. She must maintain an 80% or above to continue in the program and she has anywhere from 1-3 tests a day. She comes home from school, gets something to eat, and then hits the books. I usually end up helping her study after dinner on to quiz her. What all this means is that its very hard to get her mind off school long enough to want to have sex.

I hope everyone else has an amazing weekend though! Have lots of sex for those of us can't!

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